Yossef Zaritsky

Born in Borisopol, Ukraine, Zaritsky (1891- 1985) studied at the Kiev Art Academy. Immigrated to Israel in 1923 and settled in Jerusalem. Between 1927- 1928 he lived in Paris. After he returned to Israel he moved to Tel Aviv.

Zaritsky was one of the founding figures of the New Horizon group. best known as the painter of the lyrical abstraction, a style which derived from a lively combination of free brush work and geometrical construction that lay the foundations for the rise of the abstract painting in Israel.
Zaritsky's paintings were free from narrative and anecdotal elements, and focused on the crystallization of form and color structure. his tendency to the abstract strengthened in the 1940's, when he devoted himself mainly to the single theme- the roof-tops of Tel Aviv in shades of pink and white.
yet, nature was only a springboard for creation of a rich color scheme and a play of transparencies and rhythms. at the beginning of the 1950's he relinquished his last hold on figurative and his works became completely abstract.

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