Yaakov Wexler

Jacob Weksler (1912-1995) was born in Liepaja, Latvia. In his youth he moved to Germany, where he began to study art in Hamburg. In 1935, after the rise of the Nazi party to power, he immigrated to Israel and joined Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh. In 1948, Wexler was one of the founders of the New Horizons group. In 1950 he moved to Tel Aviv. Between 1956 and 1955 he lived in Paris, France. In his last years he lived in Ramat Gan.
Wexler's early work was influenced by European Expressionist art. In the 1950's, works of cubism appeared in his paintings. At the end of the decade, Wexler abandoned the figurative painting and began to engage in abstract geometric painting and op art.

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