Aviva Uri

Aviva Uri (1922-1989) was born in Safed.
In 1941 she married Moshe Levin. In 1943 she began to study painting at the Tel Aviv studio of Moshe Castel, with whom she had a romantic relationship. In 1944 she continued her art studies with David Hendler. In 1947, she moved in with him. The couple married in 1963.

Most of Uri's work consists of drawings on paper. Early drawings, such as "Cityscape" (1956), are abstract depictions of landscape. In the late 1950's, her work became more abstract, with expressive shapes vying with minimalistic compositions. Uri began to establish a name for herself in the 1960's and 70's. She showed her work in exhibitions of the "Ten+" group and held solo exhibits in galleries.
In 1968, Uri began to incorporate color in her work. She was influenced by Pop Art. Among her best known works are her circus drawings (1958) and the Requiem for a Bird series (1975).


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