Yehezkel Streichman

Yehezkel Streichman (1906- 1992) was born in Lithunia and immigrated to Israel in 1926. Studied at the Bezalel Art Academy and at the École des Beux-Arts in Paris. Most of his life he lived in Tel Aviv.

Streichman was one of the founding fathers of the New Horizons group (Ofakim Hadashim). the group, who was inspired by french art, rejected the striving for a local art style, and sought after a universal language of art- as opposed to other Israeli artists such as Rubin and Gutman, who tried to capture the local Israeli essence.

Streichman was an intimate artist; his paintings are usually depicting interiors- view from the window and portraits of his family, especially of his wife, Cilla, who was his muse.

Streichman was influenced mostly by french art. in his early work, one can identify the dark colors of Matisse. Then, when he started to be drawn to abstract art, his admiration of Picasso is obvious- the geometrical figures and forms and the cubist construction of his compositions. 

In his later work, Streichman formulated his unique language, which was composed by all the influences he absorbed- a work which never reached complete abstraction, but a combination of tangible and abstract.

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