Jacob Steinhardt

Jacob Steinhardt (1887-1968) born in Zerkow, Poland. studied at the Berlin Arts and Crafts School, painting with Levis Corinth and etching with Hermann Struck.

Steinhardt's work underwent tremendous changes in style and content during his life; his early work was related to the German expressionism, Ludwig Meidner and him founded the Pathetiker movement in 1912.
Steinhardt joined the army during World War One; from his time in the army service he felt connected to the Jews he met in Lithuania, and he started to paint Jewish themes. 
He immigrated to Israel in 1934 and settled in Jerusalem.
Thought he was best known for his woodcuts, Steinhardt worked on his themes in many techniques, and always thought himself primarily as a painter. His German roots were extremely strong, however, from the start of his career, his Jewish identity played an important part in his life.
upon fleeing Nazi Germany, Steinhardt made a conscious choice to set aside his German artistic identity and to integrate into Jewish and Israeli art, becoming an influential teacher to younger generations.

Steinhardt differed from many other Israeli artists in stressing the Jewish side of his personality more fully than they did, in his choice of biblical subjects which often reflected his sensitivity to the pain of others and in his constant stress on message of peace.

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