Yochanan Simon

Yochanan Simon (1905- 1976), born in Berlin, studied at the University of Berlin and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in the studio of Max Backman. In the late 1920's he joined a circle of young painters around Andre Derain in Paris. In 1936, he immigrated to Israel, and spent many years as a kibbutz member at Gan Shmuel.
Simon was kind of a vagabond artist, he traveled all around the world throughout his adult life, mainly in south and North America and Europe.
No doubt that the change of scenery was a great influence on Simon's work; his early works usually illustrating Kibbutz life and its people. in his later works, after his time in South America, Yohanan Simon freed himself from the social realism and became more abstract and colorful. His work was influenced by the Fauvism of Lager, Derain and Diego Rivera.

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