Calman Shemi

Since 1996, Calman Shemi's (Born in Argenrtina 1939) work has been centered on creating large scale artworks commissioned by architects using various techniques. Work in this area demanded that he scrutinize and attempt to decipher the unique relationship that exists between modern architecture and the organic integration of a work of art within an architectural space.

As a sculptor, his early works were performed in wood and clay. Soon after he turned to fiberglass and polyester, which he used for about ten years to create sculptures and sculpted murals intended for public buildings facades, culture halls, hotels and banks.

After fully exploring this area, and quite accidentally, he invented a distinctive technique, which he patented, to produce gobelin-type tapestries or paintings with soft materials. This is a unique method that combines manual labor and sophisticated machines specially designed for the job. The works which he termed "soft paintings" are crafted from various fibers that undergo an intricate process to become paintings that possess a distinctively fresh appearance. They enabled me for the first time to express myself in color.

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13 Shlomzion Hamalka st. Jerusalem
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