Pinchas Shaar

Pinchas Shaar (1923-1996) was born in Poland, where he was part of "Ha'Shomer" youth group. during those days he would paint and draw. the painter Jacob Adler , a relative of the family, loved his work and encouraged him to peruse his talents.

The paintings of Pinchas Sha'ar excel in childish innocence. The themes in his paintings stem from the depths of the childish imagination, which did not spoil the encounter with progress. He combines his paintings with poetic sentimentalism and humor, so that the paintings express both sadness and joy, both mischief and solemnity. For the most part, the paintings are based on a small story, usually with biblical origin or Jewish folklore, and sometimes also from Eastern folklore, in many cases animals occupy the center of Shaar's paintings and the people in it appear with heads cut in a straight line; The paintings are two-dimensional, and the perspective loses its meaning, like a carpet that has been revived in vivid and varied colors.
In addition to painting, Shaar used to create tapestries, ironwork mosaics and reliefs.

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