Louise Schatz

Louise Schatz (1916-1997) was born in Vancouver, Canada. In 1919, her family moved to Minnesota, United States. From 1943 to 1945, she worked as a barber at a shipyard in San Francisco, where she met artist Bezalel Schatz. Between 1948-1945 Schatz was a member of the "Shiva in California" group of artists. In 1948 she married Bezalel Shatz and in 1951 immigrated to Israel with him. In 1956, the couple set up a home and studio in the artist village Ein Hod.
Schatz's earlier work, prior to her immigration to Israel, combined abstraction with figurative. In addition she dealt with the design of fabrics using stencils. After her immigration to Israel she created semi-abstract landscapes in a monochromatic color. In the 1960s, the 20th century began to appear in her works as a significant element. At the end of the 1980s, her works featured floral illustrations.

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