Meir Pichadze

Meir Pichadze (1955-2010) was born in Kutaisi, Georgia to a conservative and patriarchal household. He started learning painting from an early age. In 1973 he immigrated to Israel with his family, who settled in Or Yehuda. At first, he worked in many professions like the manufacture of metal letters for tombstones, painting signs and aircrafts in the IAI, and finally as a diamond cutter.
Pichhadze's early works were surrealistic. In the 1980s, his paintings bore a postmodern character and included a combination of realistic descriptions, decorative frames and personal symbols and universal symbols with typographic signs in different languages. In 1994, portraits of his family taken from family photographs began to appear in his works and were painted against a background of dark landscapes.

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13 Shlomzion Hamalka st. Jerusalem
100 Ben Yehuda st. Tel-Aviv

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