New Horizons (Ofakim Hadashim)

New Horizons was a group of Israeli artists who worked together from the 1940's (mostly from 1948, the foundation of the state of Israel) till the 1964, though the group's artists would continue to work individually and develop their own style.
the group's founding fathers were Yehezkel Streichman, Avigdor Stematsky and most notably Yossef Zaritsky.
it included many other well known artist, though in the 1950's  disagreements inside the group caused some artists to leave, like Yohanan Simon, Marcel Janco & Aharon Kahana.
The group's mission was was to take Israeli art into new international levels and introduce it to international audience as a verified art scene, unlike the prominent Bezalel movement, who used more nationalistic and religious agendas. it was only natural that the group would took modernism and abstraction as their main techniques, as those were growing in the European scene.
till this day, New Horizons is considered one of the most influencing groups in Israeli art, and it's teachings molded generations of artits.
Here you will find works by artists of the movement during and after the periods of which the movement worked, as well as artists influenced by it and its ideologies.

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