Leah HaYerushalmit

Born- 1947 in Hungary to parents survivors of the Holocaust. Immigrated to Israel in 1948. Grew-up in Jerusalem in a traditional Jewish environment. Since an early age was gifted with a distinct talent for painting and adheres to subjects of her choice - Biblical themes.

As all Outsider painters, the artist discharges Lea Hayerushalmith's inner basic optimism, giving reality to a story and tangibility to an image. The sporadic elements of a plot are - in her case - bound together with the constant motion and rich enchanting colorfulness, While the themes she follows show her to belong to a hundred-year old tradition of local narrative painters - through her talent for orchestration and plot-laying she manages to discover a personal way for retelling stories of the past in language of Today.

© 2018 by the Engel Gallery.

13 Shlomzion Hamalka st. Jerusalem
100 Ben Yehuda st. Tel-Aviv

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