Liliane Klapisch

Lillian Klapisch was born in Cachan, France, 1933. Her parents were religious immigrants born in Poland. During World War II she spent time with her family in various hiding places in France. In 1957 she married philosopher Stefan Moses. In 1958 she made a trip to Italy and from 1959 to 1958 lived in Morocco. In 1969 she immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem. Between 2004 and 2007 she returned to live in Paris.
Klapisch's early work is abstract and expressive under the influence of the French "anformal". In the 1970s there was a change in her style, which became figurative. Among its main themes are landscapes and interiors. The style of her paintings is expressive and emphasizes formal elements in the landscape. In addition to her paintings she also created with various printmaking techniques.

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