Dalia Keinan

Dalia Keinan was born in 1956, an artist and member of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.
Dalia began her artistic career as an art teacher. She worked in a variety of art fields, founded an art center in the kibbutz, in cooperation with the people of Jerusalem.
In 2010, together with Yona Prital, Dalia initiated and established the Museum of Pioneering, and served as curator of the museum.
Dalia Keinan's work is based on improvisation, to the point of "disloyalty" to the image. This approach includes automated and subconscious methods of spontaneous creative activity. A hand action that follows the randomness of matter to find new shapes and combinations of colors.
Her paintings are characterized by a flat, stylized image, highlighted by an outline with shapes cut like shadows and brush strokes that create unexpected color combinations. The painting, contribute to its simplification and yet give a hint to the real world and everyday experiences.

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13 Shlomzion Hamalka st. Jerusalem
100 Ben Yehuda st. Tel-Aviv

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