Shmuel Katz

At the end of the 1940s, Katz's (1926-2010) work included mainly landscapes and portraits of those in the detention camp in Cyprus after being deported there by the british.
In the early and mid-1950s, Katz's works were characterized by themes of kibbutz life, the army, scenes from the life of the ma'abarot and the Arab community. These subjects were common among the artists of social realism, mostly the artists of the Kibbutzim.
In the mid-1950s, after returning from Paris, Katz dealt with metal decorations, a concrete relief and a wall painting on the walls of public buildings in his kibbutz (Giva'ton) and other kibbutzim.
Throughout the 1960's he continued to paint, and his works were characterized by a prominent personal style, including color surfaces (mainly watercolors) located between lines drawn by a free hand. At the same time he created graphic works for various companies and illustrations from major events (such as the Eichmann trial). At that time he created the Haggadah Kibutzit for Passover and illustrated a number of major books, the most famous of which is Lea Goldberg's Apartment for Rent.

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