Nahum Gutman

Nahum Gutman (1898-1980), Born in Teleneşti, Bessarabia, (then part of the Russian Empire). He Immigrated to Israel in 1905 with his family, one of the first pioneers of Tel Aviv city. He studied at Bezlael Academy and after serving in War World One, he traveled between Paris, Vienna and Berlin.

Gutman is a founding figure in Israeli art; he painted the landscape of Tel Aviv extensively, and perpetuated its development through the years. His artistic style was eclectic, ranging from figurative to abstract.
Gutamn was facinated by Matisse's colors and Roussu's naïve paintings. Their influence on him can be seen in his paintings after he came back to Israel in 1926.

Gutman was also a well-known writer and illustrator of children's books. In 1978, he received the Israel Prize for his contribution to Hebrew Children's literature.

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