Michael Gross

Michael Gross (1920-2004) was born in Tiberias and grew up in the area of ​​Migdal. In 1939, while in Jerusalem, Gross's father was murdered and the family's home was destroyed. This event influenced Gross's choice of art studies.
Gross's early works included mainly figurative sculpture and painting according to a model. These works were created under the influence of artists such as Ze'ev Ben Zvi and Moshe Ziffer, whom he studied at the time. From the 1950s, upon his return to Israel from sculpture studies at the Paris Academy of Arts, Gross developed an artistic approach, the essence of which is to summarize the reality seen with a few colored surfaces.
During the 1960s and 1970s, the trend of abstraction in Gross's work was strengthened, influenced by American art. Despite their minimalist appearance, the works continued to relate to subjects such as human figures or landscape descriptions with biographical meanings. In 1980 he began to add figurative elements to his paintings. During this period he created a synthesis between the abstract and the figurative.

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