Arie Azan

Aryeh Azan was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1934. That same year, he immigrated with his family to Israel, growing up in Tel Aviv. Between 1950 and 1978 he lived in Kibbutz Tzuba. At the end of the 1950s he was a member of the "New Horizons" group and exhibited in its exhibitions. Between 1967 and 1966 he participated in exhibitions of the "Ten +" group. As of 1978, he lives and works in Jerusalem.
Azan's early work, from the 1950s and 1960s, is mostly abstract. His paintings were characterized by dynamic brush strokes, engravings and monochrome colors. During the 1970s, he worked on assemblages, fiberglass and other materials. In the 1980s he began to create figurative painting.

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13 Shlomzion Hamalka st. Jerusalem
100 Ben Yehuda st. Tel-Aviv

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