Ardon Mordechai

Mordechai Ardon (1896- 1992), born as Mordecai Bronstein in Tuchow, Poland. In 1919 he moved to Berlin and studied with Kandinsky, Klee and Lyonel Feininger at the Bauhause, Weimar. He immigrated to Israel in 1933 and settled in Jerusalem.


Between 1940 and 1952 Ardon was the director of the Bezalel School of arts and crafts and changed its characteristics. In 1974 he got an honorary doctorate of philosophy. In his last years he lived and worked in Paris, where he received international recognition.

Ardon's painting moved gradually from descriptive landscape to abstract. His semi- abstract work was dominated by symbolic and allegorical fragments- pieces of written manuscripts, stars, ladders, etc. in his later work, his paintings are almost completely abstract.

As a central European master of art, Ardon mixed his own colors and took great pains to produce the intricate texture of his paintings. His rich inner world is full of associations and defined visual symbols, the working of which something reminiscent of his teacher, Paul Klee. He approached the glorious and festive in a grand aesthetic manner, and in a wide range of pure, luminous colors.

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